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Hit Tracking - Many clients have requested this and we have responded. We are now providing periodic reports that inform you of how many of your students are logging in with details of the dates and times of their visits! This service is proving to be invaluable for student use accountability.

Quiz - To achieve additional accountability of student usage and to enable students to demonstrate their grasp of the content, we are now featuring "Professor Nightengale's 20 Questions for Student Nurse Test-Taking Strategies". This quiz can be emailed to faculty and distributed to students either digitally or as hard copies or students can download it directly to complete and submit to their instructors or counselors.    
With our Renewal Bonus Program, your web license becomes more affordable the longer you hold it. This ongoing program will award a free extra month of service for each continuous year a web license is held.
For example, after one year of service you will get one free month of service upon renewal. After two years, you get two free months, etc.

50/50 Plan. This can activate your account and immediately provide you with the valuable services of Professor Nightengale Online by initially paying only 50% of your annual fee with the other half not due until the start of your next fiscal year.

Check, Direct Deposit, Credit cards and PayPal all accepted.

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New Feature: "What Every Nursing Student Should Know"

In addition, the Professor Nightengale demo clip on YouTube has been has been attracting students in droves!
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