Professor Nightengale Online features entertaining video tutorials that teach critical thinking and problem-solving techniques, followed by highly interactive practice questions that reinforce the just-learned methodologies.  
In a simulated classroom environment, the videos follow a group of nursing students as they realize their exam fears and apprehensions. Professor Nightengale then equips them with the tools they need to face their exams with confidence.
Example questions are broken apart and analyzed to demonstrate valuable techniques as Professor Nightengale guides students through strategies and tips that enhance test-taking performances.
Interactive practice questions include useful rationales and information about new questions types currently seen on NCLEX exams.
Students can re-use the program again and again for practice and review!

Professor Nightengale can prepare your students for exam challenges by enabling them to overcome exam anxieties that impede performance.

Help your students show what they know!
With Professor Nightengale Online students develop the test-taking skills they need to excel on course exams and standardized tests - including the NCLEX exam.
Proven test-taking strategies and highly relevant content are presented in an engaging, interactive fashion - an easy way to enhance students' skills!
Nursing programs continue to struggle with budgetary constraints and staffing issues. Professor Nightengale Online provides a solution to all those who would like to schedule individual attention with students for test-taking counseling but are unable to due to schedule conflicts or limited staffing.
Achieve a greater student success rate!
Professor Nightengale Online provides an experiential learning opportunity that is convenient and designed for today's users while addressing multiple learning styles through interactivity.
It further allows for an alternate delivery method for presenters at group workshops and in classrooms. Great for promoting discussion!
24/7 Access from anywhere
Ideal for distance learners
Easily intergrated into online courses
Optimizes service to satellite campuses
High resolution streaming videos on broadband
Licensing fee made affordable by contracting directly from the producer
(no publishing house mark-up)
Transparent Technology
Subscribers to Professor Nightengale Online are issued user-names and passwords and directed to a site hosted by Nightengale Productions / Daniel Peters Productions LLC. The log-in information can be distributed to the institution's students and clients on an unlimited basis. Absolutely no technical involvement is required on the part of the intstitution nor the end user!